89 FREE Themed Halloween Stencils ~ Face, Cat, Military, Midwestern + More

Are you looking to carve pumpkins this year but want to do something a bit different? Then check out these awesome themed Halloween stencils!89 FREE Themed Halloween Stencils ~ Face, Cat, Military, Midwestern + More

13 Face Stencils

If you are thinking about carving faces on your pumpkins, then check out these Halloween stencils. A female face, clown, cool guy or even Frankenstein are some of the ones you can choose from.

16 Halloween Themed Stencils

Here are stencils of everything Halloween related. Pick and choose from bats, ghosts, monsters or haunted houses.

12 Themed Stencils

There are both traditional stencils as well as some unique ones. Aliens, clowns, the health ribbon or Uncle Sam are a few of the options.

28 Cat Stencils

If cats are your thing, then you will find something you like here. Goofy cats, scary cats, witch cats, tigers and even the “Cat in the Hat.”

8 Military Themed Stencils

There are Halloween stencils for everything military here. The army, navy, POW, Wounded Warrior Project and even an American Flag and Soldier stencil is available.

12 Midwestern Themed Stencils

Check out these Midwestern themed stencils. Choose from barns, leaves, cabins, corn and even deer.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, then check out:



Over 200+ Free Pop Culture & Entertainment Halloween Stencils

Halloween is coming up quickly and one of the ways people observe this holiday is by carving pumpkins. But what if you’re not so great at carving or you want your pumpkin to be something other than the traditional jack-o-lantern?

Then you should try these pop culture and entertainment Halloween stencils!

Over 200+ Free Pop Culture & Entertainment Halloween Stencils

Pop Culture Pumpkin Stencils

Carve your pumpkin to resemble Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Kate Middleton or another famous celebrity.

100 Pop Culture Stencils

A huge selection of pop culture and entertainment Halloween stencils including Bettie Page, the Beatles, Elton John and Little Einsteins. There are even stencils of Jesus.

14 Pop Culture Stencils

Some various stencils here, but they have a few of the characters from Glee!

100 ‘Un-Halloween’ Pumpkin Stencils

Tons of choices here, such as politicians and former U.S. Presidents as well as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Martha Stewart, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor and even Elvis.

11 Stars Wars Stencils

For the person who loves Star Wars, these Halloween stencils hit the spot! 11 very neat designs here.

If pop culture and entertainment are not your thing, check out:



9 Fun Halloween Treats

One of the most fun parts of Halloween for some families is making and eating all those yummy treats! Check out these 9 fun Halloween treats and try making some yourselves.

Oh my, you just have to look at these fun Halloween treats!!! They are pretty creative!!

9 Fun Halloween Treats

  1. These Easy Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats by Food Family Finds take a delicious recipe and twist it into a Halloween themed treat.
  2.  Lil’ Luna posted these awesome Monster Eye Sugar Cookies that are sure to be a hit with trick or treaters!
  3.  If you want your Halloween treats to be a bit healthier, then try this Banana-Pillar that Cafe Zupas posted on their website. Looks yummy and fun!
  4.  Rhodes Bread has a fun Halloween recipe called Yummy Mummy Dogs. These are easy to make and fun to eat.
  5.  These Witch Pops from Parents magazine are definitely something that will get you a lot of compliments!
  6.  My Recipes posted these Candy-Coated Caramel Apples. Your guests will definitely drool when they see these!
  7.  These Hairy Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes Recipe by Spoonful look deliciously good.
  8. This recipe for S’more Ghost Marshmallows by Blondie and Brownies are fun and easy to make.
  9.  Mummy Cookie Pops should make every kid smile and the adults will secretly love them, too. You can get the recipe at Celebrations.
With all of these fun Halloween treats, which ones do you plan on trying?