Halloween Wreath Tutorial For Front Door

halloween wreath

Sheet music makes perfect crafting paper. The pages are detailed from top to bottom, and they tend to be a little thicker than regular paper.  The next time you’re in an antique store and see a dusty old box of it, go ahead and grab a stack. I’ve got just the project you can use it for, and just in time for Halloween! Make a door wreath for your front door this Halloween season!



sheet music book

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sheet music
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A small piece of scrap cardboard (I used an empty box of light bulbs)
  • Halloween spider embellishments that can be found with seasonal craft supplies at any Hobby Lobby store.  If you can’t find these, grab a bag of those cheap spider rings and cut the ring part off the back.
  • 1 or 2 buttons (preferably black, orange, or even deep purple in order to stick to the Halloween theme)
  • Ribbon

sheet music

Begin by cutting your sheet music into rectangular pieces.  You will need 7 pages cut in half for a wreath 15 inches in diameter.  If you would like to go smaller like the one depicted above then you will need 14 9cm x 6cm pieces for a mini wreath about 6 inches in diameter.

roll into a cone

Roll the paper into a cone.  Start with one corner and curl it in at a 45 degree angle. Make sure the bottom tip is tight.  Use a very small dot of hot glue to secure the corner. Repeat this step.

glue them together

Once you have two or three cones you can begin to glue them together by using a very thin line of hot glue along the sides. Try to secure them down towards the bottom of the cone, laying each cone so the tip or ‘V’ at the top is laying flat on your work area. Be careful not to use too much glue here because it will show in your final product.

full circle

Continue to construct the cones and glue them until you have a full circle. 

cut circle

Next, cut a small piece of cardboard in the shape of a circle and glue it to the bottom of your wreath. This will help keep it sturdy. Lay the wreath flat on the cardboard side after attaching it and allow the glue to cool.


Cut your ribbon the desired length for how low you would like it to hang. Use two small dots of glue placed side by side to attach your ribbon.


Now gather your embellishments.  I used a combination of old and new buttons, and a felt spider from a pack I found at Hobby Lobby.  I like how the spider gives the wreath a web effect. Gently glue on your embellishments. You will want to make sure they are on securely but also be careful not to dent your cones in the process.

halloween wreath

Once your glue has cooled and hardened your wreath is ready to be hung. 



Happy Haunting! 



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