10 Tips To De-Cluttering & Organizing Your Kids Toys

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SocialMoms and Hot Wheels have teamed up! Hot Wheels has listened to moms by introducing the all-new Wall Tracks! Kids can now keep their toys off the floors and onto the walls!! Let’s stand up together, fight the clutter, and pledge to keep our play rooms clean!

When you walk into our house, you will know that kids do in fact live there! The house is a MESS during the day! You have to walk carefully or you will step on a block or a doll’s head! OUCH!


toy bins

10 Tips to De-Cluttering & Organizing Toys

  1. Toy Bin! Do you have a toy bin like the one above? We don’t, but we use plastic bins instead and rotate them between their rooms and the living room. Keeps the toys in order.
  2. Donate! Donate toys to Church, Charity, or Good Will. Keeps your house rid of disorder and another kid happy.
  3. Play and Put back! I’m trying to teach my kids that once they are done playing with a toy to put it back in its place. Its a working progress. 🙂
  4. Puzzle Pieces! We have ours in zip lock baggies. Its wonderful! We cut out the picture if its small enough and place it in the bag. My girls are pretty smart and at times they do not need the picture. It helps keep all those small puzzle pieces together!
  5. Supply Case! Keep the crayons in those small supply cases. You can also keep smaller toys in them too.
  6. Baby Wipe Cases! I’ve started using the baby wipe cases for a number of things now! Instead of refilling them with baby wipes, I use them to store crayons, pens, markers, scissors, or other school supplies. They surely do come in handy!
  7. Going through the toys about twice a year! Another GREAT idea is to go through the toys and see what is being played with and what is not!
  8. Throw away broken toys! If it is broken and can not be fixed throw it away!! There is NO point in keeping it!!
  9. Bins for UNDER the bed! There is a small space under the bed to keep a storage bin. You can store toys or clothes which ever you need space. Make the most of the space
  10. Sing the “Clean Up Song!” We do have our own song that we sing before Daddy comes home! It helps with them in cleaning up. They love singing it!

Start them off young in helping to clean up! Those are my 10 tips! What are some of yours? Please leave a comment!

Disclaimer: “I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Hot Wheels® blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

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