2 Mother’s Day Crafts That Kids Can Do

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2 Mother's Day Crafts That Kids Can Do

2 Mother’s Day Crafts That Kids Can Do

Mother’s Day is coming up, which means it is time for the kids to make some fun crafts! There are a lot of ideas and these are some of my favorites:
handprints of love

Handprints of Love

This is a really easy one for young children and it is also very quick to do, which is perfect because little ones can have short attention spans!
What You Need:
  • Paper suitable for painting
  • Non-Toxic Paints that can be easily washed off
  • Kids hands
  1. Place the paint in a dish that is big enough to put your child’s hand in. I suggest tupperware or something similar. Remember to also have a container of water so if they switch colors they can get the previous paint off first.
  2. Have them dip their hand in the paint and place them towards the top of the paper. These will be “hand petals.” I recommend a bright color like red or orange, but let your kids pick out their favorite color instead!
  3. Next, have them rinse their hands to get the paint off and pat dry.
  4. Then have them take either a paintbrush or even their fingers to paint the stem of the flower and even a few leaves. If they are bit older, they can even paint a vase. Or cut it out of construction paper for smaller children.
  5. Let the painting dry and they have created Handprints of Love! This would be wonderful to frame and put on the wall for a lasting memory.

Love Collage

When I was younger, I loved to make collages with objects cut out of magazines. I usually had a certain theme, such as a wish list or places I wanted to visit. The same can be done for Mother’s Day and this is something kids of all ages can do.
What You Need:
  • Poster board – the size is up to you, but smaller sizes for young children. A bigger one can be suitable for older children.
  • Magazines
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  1. Have your kids cut out things from magazines that remind them of love or Mother’s Day. Some examples would be flowers, butterflies or even a beach that reminds them of a special memory of you two.
  2. Have them arrange the pictures on the poster board and glue them on. Some children will prefer them organized and perfectly aligned while others will put them all over the place. There is no right or wrong way for them to do this.
  3. If they like, they can even use markers to write a special message, draw borders or “frames” around the pictures they have cut out or they can create neat designs.
  4. Other suggestions are gluing ribbon or bows on the poster board.
Once the collage is done, make sure you put it somewhere to be displayed.

What ideas do you have for Mother’s Day crafts that kids can do?


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