3 Tips for House Cleaning on a Budget

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3 Tips for House Cleaning on a Budget

Food and gas are not the only things rising these days, the cost of cleaning supplies are also increasing. But you don’t have to rework your budget for these items.

There is a less expensive way to keep your home looking the way it should. Check out these 3 tips on housecleaning on a budget and save your way to clean!

3 Tips for House Cleaning on a Budget

Dollar Store

I get a lot of my cleaning supplies at the Dollar Store. They have a carpet cleaning spray that I always stock up on because it works so well. I use that not only on my carpet, but the upholstery and even in the car when there are spills or accidents.

You can also get dish soap, sponges and other supplies for housecleaning on a budget. Just take a look at the size of the product and then determine if you are really getting a good deal.

I don’t buy my laundry detergent there because they come in tiny packages and I know the cost per ounce is actually higher than other places or you could save a ton by making your own (check out my Laundry Soap Recipes).

Use What You Have

There are a lot of cleaners that you could use to clean other things, which works out great for those house cleaning on a budget. Besides using carpet cleaner in the car, you can use dish soap to clean practically anything.

You can use just a tiny dab and use it for the bathtub, counters and windowsills. I have even used it to clean crayon off of my walls.

Also, you can use what you have in the pantry to clean, too. I always have a giant jug of vinegar in my pantry and it works wonderfully to clean the faucets and sinks, floors, counters and toilets.

I also use it to clean my windowsills to not only clean them, but to deter ants.

Use Less

We often use much more than we need to. How many times have you poured a bunch of bleach into your bucket of water instead of just ½ cup?

On your products, read the directions and you just might find out that you don’t need to use as much as you are using.

For example, dish soap many people use quite a bit of when you only need a squirt.

Do you have any tips on housecleaning on a budget that you would like to share?

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