4 Small Purchases To Stop Wasting Your Money On

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4 Small Purchases To Stop Wasting Your Money On

4 Small Purchases To Stop Wasting Your Money On

Would you like to have more cash? Sure, we all do! But sometimes we still spend our hard-earned money on things that are not necessary. While large purchases will be thought about, have you considered all of those tiny things you buy and how they can add up? Find out how to stop wasting your money by eliminating or cutting down on the following items.

Bank Fees

There is no reason to pay fees when there are so many banks and accounts that offer free checking. At my bank, there are no bank fees as long as we have direct deposit. Talk to your bank about other checking account options or shop around for one that will not take any fees out of your account.

Online Shipping

This is another one of those expenses that does not seem like much at first, but can add up if you purchase items online a lot. If you shop on Amazon, you should look for the products that have Free Super Saver Shipping or sign up for Amazon Prime (they have one for mothers and students at a discount). For other online retailers, try to select the ones that offer free shipping or that do not charge an arm and a leg. For heavy products that will cost a lot to ship, you would be better off purchasing them at a brick and mortar store.

Fast Food

Fast food is horrible for you and it is also costly. If you tend to get hungry while you are on the road, pack yourself a “snack pack” to keep in your vehicle. My snack pack has nuts, seeds, dried fruit and raisins for when I get the munchies.

Even if you just buy a cup of coffee each morning from the drive-thru, you are still wasting your money and it will add up at the end of the month. Make your own coffee and pour it in a thermos.

Lottery Tickets

Some people think of lottery tickets as harmless fun and most of the time they are. But you need to really be honest about how much you are spending on them each year. This is one of those purchases where you are wasting your money. It would be nice to win the lottery, but the chances are extremely slim. It would be much wiser to take that money and invest it.

All of these items may seem like they do not cost a lot until you start keeping track of how much you are really spending and you start paying attention to how many times you purchase these items.

What small purchases have you eliminated in an effort to stop wasting your money?

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1 The Thrifty Momma February 3, 2013 at 10:57 PM

It is so true that the little things add upp faster than you think. Writing down every cent you spend for a week can be a real eye opener! I once tracked every cent for two months to see where my money was going and I was horrified but it was the best way to see where I need too “plug the leaks”.

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