4 Tips On How To Save On Milk

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4 Tips On How To Save On Milk

4 Tips On How To Save On Milk

Newspapers and the media say that without a new Farm Bill, the price of milk could go up to $8 a gallon. If this happens, many families will not be able to afford the high cost. So, how will you save money on milk?

Buy Milk on Sale and Freeze It

If you have a freezer, then you should stock up when it is on sale and freeze it. This is a really good idea if the price of milk skyrockets. If you do not have a freezer, then you should look into buying one, not just for the milk, but to stock up on food items as well. When freezing milk, just be sure to let a little bit of it out since it expands when it is frozen and to shake well before serving.

Consider Buying a Cow Share

A cow share is when you pay a farmer a boarding fee, the cost of caring for a cow as well as milking it. Then, you get the milk without having to pay for it. The cost of a cow share varies greatly and consumers should make sure that it is legal in their state.

Stop Wasting Milk

If you really want to save money on milk, then look at how much you are wasting. For example, how much milk do you toss after you are done with your cereal? Do your children drink milk instead of water when they are thirsty?

Substitute Milk in Recipes

There are some recipes (but not all) that you can substitute milk for. For example, macaroni and cheese tastes exactly the same by using a little bit more butter and not adding milk. If you are not comfortable making recipes without milk, then use half of it and compensate the other half with water.

Some people are talking about watering down whole milk because they mistakenly believe that it will taste just like 2% or skim milk. This is not true and your children will lose out on valuable vitamins and nutrients. Not to mention, watered down milk tastes awful. The process of making 2% or skim milk involves letting raw milk sit out, then dairy farmers skim the fat off of the top. It is just easier and better to find other ways to save money on milk.


1 Dee Johnson January 3, 2013 at 4:05 AM

I do water down whole milk with 1/2 water, but only whole. Otherwise we drink 1%. Milk is not that nutritious. When they pasteurize and homogenize it, it kills most of the nutrients. The calcium in milk is not very absorbable either. So, it’s best to get your calcium from another source, like broccoli or almonds. With 7 kids at home, I try to stretch our milk as well as other food. The kids don’t mind it diluted, as long as it’s cold and it’s not diluted more than 1/2.

2 pays2save January 3, 2013 at 9:18 AM

Thanks for the tips! We do take Calcium supplements here.

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