5 Exercises You Can Do At Home

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5 Exercises You Can Do At Home

Let’s face it: we are all busy and a lot of us don’t have the time to go to the gym or to go running on a treadmill. Some of us barely have time to take a shower, much less work out! The good news is that there are a lot of exercises you can do at home and these you can even do while you are doing your normal daily routine.

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5 Exercises You Can Do At Home

Calf Lifts

I don’t know what the technical term for this exercise is, but you stand on your tip-toes and slowly lift up your heel, almost like a ballet dancer. Do this very slowly, up and down and it will strengthen and tone your calves. This exercise you can do at home while brushing your hair, doing the dishes or anything where you have to stand.

Wall Push Ups

Not many people enjoy push ups, but wall push ups are easier and you don’t have to lay on the floor. If you don’t remember from school, all you do is stand facing the wall, with your feet slightly apart. Lean towards the wall at a 90 degree angle. Forward, back to a straight backed position, forward and so on. Tighten your biceps as your doing these and use your ab muscles to suck in and tighten your belly.


This you can do anywhere. What I like to do is jog while I’m checking on the laundry or to jog down the driveway to check the mail. Anything that doesn’t require standing or for your body to be still, you can jog. A way to burn even more calories and work your leg muscles is to jog with your knees high. It takes more work to do it that way and it will also help you gain some flexibility.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to dance (even if you’re not very good at it.) Just put on some music and dance while you get ready in the morning, clean the house or make dinner. Dancing burns a lot of calories and you’ll find that it will put a smile on your face too.


I had a trampoline when I was a kid and loved it. Now they sell mini trampolines that you can easily store in a closet. This is a great way to get some fitness in while you are watching television or listening to an audiobook. It is also a great stress reliever!

Even though you don’t have a gym membership and may not have a ton of time, there are some simple exercises you can do at home.

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