5 Things To Give Instead of Halloween Candy

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5 Things to Give Instead of Halloween Candy

One of kid’s favorite things about Halloween is the candy they collect while trick or treating. But what if you want to give something healthier or just don’t want to give out edibles at all? You do have other options! If you want to know what to give instead of Halloween candy, then keep reading.5 Things To Give Instead of Halloween Candy

Dollar Store Items

I just love the Dollar Store and you can get all kinds of neat little items for a low price! Little bags of trinkets and toys, balloons and I have even seen little puzzles at Dollar Tree. These would all make great Halloween candy alternatives.


Give the love of reading this Halloween. Seriously, this is a great idea… instead of giving Halloween candy, grab some books from a garage sale, thrift store or even Dollar Tree. Then hand them out to trick or treaters instead of giving them sugary candy.  

Packaged Baked Goods

Normally I would prefer to give kids homemade baked goods because they are healthier, but if you give them to kids who come to your door, chances are they will get thrown out for safety reasons. Pick up a box of blueberry muffins or another type of baked good. Make sure that they come individually wrapped. This makes a great alternative to candy, but it is still yummy!


You don’t want to empty your entire wallet to kids on Halloween, but I remember as a kid an elderly neighbor gave us change rather than candy. Even though it was just a little bit, I still got excited. What kid doesn’t like money?!

Coloring Sheets & Crayons

You can pick up crayons at the Dollar Store and you can print off some free coloring sheets. Just take a rubber band and wrap it around two or three crayons, then hand them out with the coloring sheets. There are tons of them available on the Internet!

There are so many different things to give besides Halloween candy and they are also items that kids will actually like! Do you have any things you would add to this list?


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