5 Tips To Vacation On A Budget

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5 Tips To Vacation On A Budget

Going on vacation is an experience that families look forward to. Not having to worry about clocking in at work and the kids not having to get up early for school are just a few of the perks, not to mention a chance to visit a place you have been wanting to see and the chance to just have some fun. But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend? How do you vacation on a budget and still have a great time?

5 Tips To Vacation On A Budget

Stay Home

When I say this, it doesn’t mean to not go on vacation, but to instead have a staycation! You won’t have to pay for a hotel or for airfare. There are probably a lot of museums, landmarks, parks and other places you have never visited in the same city that you live in.

Use Coupons

We are used to clipping coupons for food and restaurants, but make sure you don’t forget about the ones that are available for travel. Coupons on airfare, car rental, hotels, restaurants and local attractions can be a great way to save some money.

Vacation During the Off-Season

To save money, many families are taking vacations during the off-season. Visit the beach in September or hit the snowy slopes in February. Airfare and hotels are less expensive during the off-season because during those times they are losing money with every empty seat or room.

Also, gasoline prices tend to spike during summer and the holidays, so avoid traveling during those times. To save even more money, FareCompare says that the cheapest day to fly is on Wednesdays. With great price comparison tools like Expedia and Priceline, you can figure out the least expensive days for yourself by plugging in different days.

Purchase Travel Packages

Travel packages or bundles are a great way to vacation on a budget. These packages usually include airfare, car rental and accommodations at one price. Some may even include extras like free meals at a restaurant. Just be careful and research how much each of the options would cost individually. While there are travel bundles that are great deals, there are others that are overpriced.

Don’t forget to stop by and read 6 Tips On Buying A Vacation Package.

Travel With a Group

Another way to vacation on a budget is to travel with others, like neighbors, family or friends. Airfare and hotels are less expensive when they are bought at a group rate. Some groups like to do everything together while others are only part of the group for the discounts and want to do their own thing. The only downside to this is that people tend to argue when money is involved. To protect your friendships, make sure everything is clear and boundaries are set from the very beginning.

Taking a vacation on a budget is possible and you don’t have to sacrifice quality or fun. Just take a little extra time and do some research.

What ways do you vacation on a budget?


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