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advertising with Pays2SaveWant to ADVERTISE on Pays2Save?

Its that time again, Pays2Save is looking for New Advertisers!! Send me an email if you are interested!!


Main Demographics:

  • 95% Female; Ages 25-34: 40%, 35-44: 28%, 45-54: 14%
  • Stay At Home and Working Mothers
  • College Education

Social Media & Online Reach:

  • Email Subscribers: 1,200+
  • Pinterest: 1,600+
  • Twitter Followers: 7,000+
  • Facebook Fans: 35,000+
  • Klout: 53
  • Google PageRank: 2
  • mozRank: 5
  • Alexa US Rank: 24,500
  • Alexa International Rank: 84,286
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 13,000+
  • Monthly Page Views: 54,000+

What advertising services I offer…

One 300×250 graphic under my search bar on my left sidebar. Above the fold. You provide the image (I have to approve & will host the image on my site). Price – $250

Reviews or Giveaways –these are promoted on blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other various forums. With a minimum of 3 shout outs (beginning/middle/end of a giveaway). Check out my Reviews and Giveaways Policy. Prices vary.

Website or Company Feature–This includes a post about your company/website with 2 links and pictures of products, as well as direct readers to where they can find your products.  Prices vary.

Giveaway, Contest, or Sale Feature–Share your giveaways, contest, or sales with our readers. Includes a short post with all the necessary details, along with a share on Facebook and/or Twitter. You provide the details and images. Prices vary.

Prices are in USD paid via PayPal. Prices are subject to change monthly. Please use my Contact Me page.


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