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Disclaimer: We received two complimentary tickets to facilitate this review. This review is done by my spouse, Jason S. Published May, 2015.
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You can tell from the outset, they are trying to push the envelope. The action sped up, slowed down, and sped up again. I thought, this is what I have been waiting for…it was as if the first movie had never ended.
I sank down into my seat. I loved the action scenes, top notch, thrilling. The humor was just right and you can always count on Robert Downey Jr. to deliver the slap stick.
I appreciated that they tried to add some depth to the characters which normally don’t have their own movies, focusing some of the attention on Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner. That is always the big challenge in these big action packed movies.
It has to have a good storyline.
Ultron origins are definitely unique and interesting…I found Marvel tastebuds popping and then it somewhat fizzled. Ultron should have been more menacing, more invincible. He seemed to literally evolve overnight and then summons his co-conspirators. It felt rushed. He creates an army of soldiers that look like himself. I’m thinking, you’re Ultron, the baddest robot ever made, the first AI…you don’t need an army…YOU ARE AN ARMY! To me this would have made him to be a more formidable foe. So in that I think they fell short.
Also, I wish Hollywood would try and get away from the concept that the bad guy makes some device and sets it on top of a building to potentially destroy the world. Ultron more or less seemed to have the potential to do this, but he decided to lift some city in the Baltic’s off the ground, which in my opinion seemed a bit ridiculous…if Ultron really wanted to make a statement he should have went after the most powerful city in the world, D.C. I was waiting for the Avengers to take a good butt-kicking and then unite to come back stronger and more unified.
I’m not sure how I felt about the attraction storyline between Bruce Banner and the Black Widow (Natasha). I think the producer was trying to recreate at some level a beauty and the beast/King-Kong idea…something was missing though…he seemed like an old man with a young girl. He could have been her father, I thought.
One of the bright spots was, ‘The Vision.’ He is such an amazing character with amazing abilities. I loved the concept of him possessing one of the Infinity Stones.
All in all, I think it lived up to the hype…When you involve so many other characters it gets exponentially more difficult to not only come up with a meaningful plot (Which Captain America 2 achieved) and move the plot along in a meaningful way. Some people like to sacrifice depth for action; I like both.
Tell me: Have you seen the movie? What did you think about it?
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