Baby Shower On A Budget

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Baby Shower On A Budget

Expecting a baby is exciting, even when you are not the mom-to-be. Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the baby’s upcoming arrival and to make sure the parents have everything they need before the little one arrives. But these kinds of parties don’t have to be pricey… find out how to have a baby shower on a budget without sacrificing the fun.

Baby Shower On A Budget


To have a baby shower on a budget, you should have the party at someone’s home. Space rental is a huge expense that is unnecessary. This can also make others feel more comfortable. Sitting on a couch in your friend’s living room is much more relaxing than a fold-up chair in a rental hall. Plus, there is no additional charges if the party lasts longer than necessary and nobody has to rush.


Instead of buying or having invitations custom-made, either go to a discount store like Big Lots to buy a package of baby shower invitations or make your own with your word processing software and a printer.


The dollar stores are great places to find decorations like streamers, balloons and other supplies. If you can’t find anything that reads “baby shower” on it, you can simply take a permanent marker and write it in yourself! If you do want the nicer decorations, ask around and see if someone still has baby shower decorations from their party.


To save money, prepare the food in the kitchen or have everyone bring a dish. Sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes as well as fruit and veggie platters are great choices. Beverages can include lemonade, tea or water flavored with lemon, lime, apple or cucumber slices.

Games & Activities

There are many games and activities that are perfect for a baby shower on a budget. I have a friend that smeared different types of chocolate bars in diapers, then everyone had to smell the diaper and guess what kind of chocolate bar it was.

There are also many other games that are fun, like guessing what certain names mean or playing Pin the Diaper on the Baby.


There are so many cute things you probably want to get the mother-to-be, but remember to be practical. Is she really going to use it often? Is it something she needs or it is just an accessory? While accessories are nice, I tend to buy my friends things that they will really need when the baby comes, like diapers, wipes, bottles or even gift cards. For diapers and clothes, consider buying more than one size since kids can grow so quick! I always buy a box of diapers in size newborn and size 1. For clothes I include a few pieces that are newborn and a few for 3 to 6 months.

If you are in a tight financial spot, don’t skip the shower just because you don’t have the cash for a gift. Make coupons for free babysitting, housecleaning or even meal preparation services. As every mom knows, when someone first brings a baby home, it can be hectic and she will appreciate the help!

Have you ever had a baby shower on a budget? Don’t forget to check out my On A Budget page!


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