Back To School ON A Budget

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Back To School ON A Budget

It’s hard to believe that the kids are going back to school already! It can be a stressful time making sure the kids have everything that they need before the big day, but that can be compounded if you are on a budget.

If this is your situation, then I have some great tips for you to help your kids go back to school if you are on a budget.

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School Supplies

The first thing you need is to get the school supply list from the teacher and school. In our area, they have them as you walk into Wal-Mart, OfficeMax and other stores. Once you have the list, start at the dollar stores to see if you can get the school supplies cheaper there. If you don’t want to waste gas, many stores have the store inventory on their websites.

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You can also visit places like Big Lots and keep your eyes open for sales and coupons on those items.

One word of caution: If the school supply list says Crayola markers, then do not get another brand. Teachers are very particular about school supplies and if they list a specific brand, then get what they have listed.


This is probably the most expensive part of summer ending. But going back to school on a budget doesn’t just mean school supplies, you can do this with clothing, too! First, check out the second hand and thrift shops. The Salvation Army thrift stores in some areas has one day a week where you can stuff as many clothes as you can in a plastic shopping bag for $1. Just be sure to check for stains, holes, rips, etc.

If you go to a retail store, go straight to the clearance racks first! Sometimes they have really nice clothes for only a few dollars. Don’t forget to look for coupons and special sales.

Another piece of advice on buying clothes is to mix and match pieces. I prefer getting mostly solid colors because they can pretty much go with anything.

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When you are going back to school on a budget, don’t forget about the cost of meals. Start thinking about inexpensive lunch and snack items that are also healthy. Meals with cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, bananas and tuna are great choices for ingredients because of their low cost.

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If you prefer pre-packaged meals, Lunchables or the store equivalent are usually only $1 each. You can also pick up bread, cheese slices and some lunch meat for a classic sandwich-type lunch.

Instead of buying juice boxes, pick up the frozen cans of juice instead and make a big batch. Then each day put it in a thermos or reusable bottle.

Extracurricular Activities

Another thing you should remember is extracurricular activities. While sports comes to mind, there are also other activities your child might want to join that cost money, such as band or even some clubs. To save money on instruments, buy a used one. The first place I would look is in the classifieds, then I would start calling music shops and ask if they have any on sale.

What are your tips for going back to school on a budget?


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