Baked Bacon in Toaster Oven

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Baked Bacon in Toaster Oven

I love making our turkey bacon in our toaster oven. I don’t even preheat my toaster oven. I put it on 400 and turn the timer to 10 minutes. After its cooked I put the strips unto paper towels and dab out any grease. You can up the timer if you would like crisper bacon.

baked bacon

I’m always looking for ways to make my life simple especially when it comes to cooking. I have a bacon lover in the house and I used to just cook the bacon in the microwave.

I will always remember this bacon story about my sister when she was about 3 years old. We lived in upstate New York and my brother and I was at school. I guess there was construction people at the house working on something. They left and my mom decided to go and take a nap. My little sister was hungry and went into the fridge and took out the package of bacon and preceded to eat HALF OF THE PACKAGE!!!!!


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