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Disclaimer: We received two complimentary tickets to facilitate this review. This review is done by my spouse, Jason S. Published May, 2016.


Captain America: Civil War

The storyline picks up right where the last one left off. This is what I appreciate about this series, it seems seamless, and feels like one long movie. The pace and cadence were spot on. The action was interspersed with dynamic drama. My stomach had knots building inside because the storyline is escalating, and moving towards its crescendo where the only seemingly viable option is …WAR .
Even though in the back drop you have the villain who is covertly working behind the scenes, you cannot help but choose in your own mind who you are for: Team Captain or Team Iron Man.
In this you can see how modern day politics are imposed upon the script. Even still, these are matters of grave importance in the Marvel world that must be decided upon. What you get is the good guys versus the good guys.
To me this is the best Marvel movie hands down. I thought the treatment of the characters and the screen time was evenly proportional. The CGI is off the charts and getting better. The action scenes are gut wrenching, the humor is timely, and the plot twist at the end is a jaw dropper. I’m picky with the movies I purchase, but this one is for the collection.
If I must choose a team…Team Captain all the way! Which team are you on? Leave me a comment.
captain america: civil war
And of course, don’t forget to stay for the end of the credits. Also, I like looking for when Stan Lee will appear and he does not disappoint either.

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