Clean My House: Items You Should Have On Hand

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Clean My House: Items You Should Have On Hand

Clean My House: Items You Should Have On Hand

Spring cleaning is a huge task, but a necessary one for many households. You shouldn’t just jump into it without having a plan and the necessary items to get it done. Find out what you should have on hand to make it easier on yourself. There are many times, where I dream of someone else to clean my house.

Boxes, Crates or Bins

One of the most essential items include boxes, crates or bins. You are going to need something to put all of your items in. Boxes can be used if you plan on giving things away, donating or items you plan on selling.

Crates or bins can be used for those items that you want to keep, but they are going to be stored in the garage, attic, basement or a closet.

Cleaning Products

You are going to need some products to do your deep cleaning with. Many of these you probably already have, but make sure you have a list so you don’t have to run to the store in the middle of your tasks. Some of the items you should have include window cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, bleach, rubber gloves, a face mask (to prevent dust and other allergens from bothering you,) an extra box of trash bags, a variety of sponges, SOS pads and wire scourers.

You should also make sure you have extra bags for your vacuum cleaner and a good, quality mop that can withstand some abuse. I make sure to also have vinegar and baking soda because those make excellent cleaners for various places around the house.

Other Items You Might Need

You might not think of these things as needed for spring cleaning, but I like to check the doorknobs, use WD-40 on squeaky hinges, checking to make sure the drains are clear and other simple home maintenance tasks. It is better to do preventive maintenance now then to have to pay a lot of money to fix it later on.

Spring cleaning might not be any fun, but a tip to make the time pass is to put on some music and dance while you clean. This makes it less boring and brings a little enjoyment while you get the tasks done.

What are your essential products for spring cleaning?

1 Lisa R May 8, 2013 at 11:22 AM

use WD-40 on squeaky hinges….okay because I cannot stand my hinges making noise. I have a hard time sleeping lately and I seem to wake up when I hear these hinges. I guess I have issues lately huh? LOL

2 ANN*H May 10, 2013 at 12:56 AM

I put into boxes things to go into the garage or basement etc. so everything that goes there is all in one box so when Im done cleaning that day the stuff it the boxes goes where it belongs. That sure helps in the long run.I lik e the WD – 40 idea as I do that all the time especially with my front door. My thing to is wipe the door knobs, light switshs, remotes ,phones etc. down with disinfectant , things we dont normally think of cleaning but very important to keep germs down.

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