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When I first started out, I did not realize that Coupons had their own LINGO!!! Really they do. I was a LPN (licensed practical nurse) and I knew medical lingo. So this was all new to me.

Do you get confused when people say, BOGO? or Stacking? or a CAT? It took me a while to get the hang of this and I’m still learning. Just be ware that stores will change their policies so if you have any questions ask before you start.

Newbies?!?! We all start somewhere don’t we? LOL. Start with small transactions just to get the hang of it first.

So, what is a BOGO and how many coupons can I use? BOGO means Buy One Get One and then FREE or 50% will be added to that. So you will be buying/purchasing TWO items!!!(Important to understand)

Scenario: Store has an ad for BOGO FREE Bodywash and in their store policy they accept a BOGO FREE coupon. So you take your 2 items to the register and since the store is running the BOGO FREE sale and you have your BOGO FREE coupon you will be getting both for FREE and pay tax. Here is the bonus part since you are buying/purchasing 2 items you can USE 2 coupons!!! HUH?!?! Even though you will be getting the items for FREE you can use 2 coupons; store accepts ONE manufacturer coupon per item bought (and some will accept a store coupon on top of that-Stacking). So you use a BOGO FREE coupon and a $1 off 2. So you would have to get a filler item (filler item is just an item that absorbs the cost of the overage because SOME store will NOT give cash back, but SOME will!!!.

And some store accepts a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon. So you can use 2 coupons per one item if its in their policy. So you would be using 4 coupons altogether. Remember to read the store coupon policy!!!

Boy did I confused you?!? If you have a friend or relative that uses coupons just go with them so that they can show you how to use the coupons. Is one of my suggestions or attend a coupon class in your area.

Using a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon is called STACKING. Simple enough to understand? Or is your head still spinning…

What is a CAT or Catalina? Its a coupon that prints right at the register.

Do you have any questions? You probably have a ton. Don’t be afraid to ask. Someone else might have the same one.


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