Coupon Policies

by pays2save

Please keep a Coupon Policy of the stores you shop at the most with your coupons. I have a coupon binder and Rite Aid was so nice to send me their policy. I just have to write the others. I’ve been to 4 stores that I shop at and not one could produce one for me. Hmmm…Just saying!

Most stores will take their store coupon with a manufacture one, but NOT Walgreen’s! They have their own coupon booklet that just started again and they will NOT take a coupon from the booklet to be stacked with a manufacture one, BUT they WILL take the coupon out of their weekly ads and have that stacked with a manufacture one! Weird! Then I say do away with your own booklet then. Just MHO.

One store coupon and manufactured coupon can be used per item. Even with the BOGO free items. Just make sure to have fillers. What I mean by fillers is any candies or any small priced item. Because they will NOT give you money back. So at times you will need filler items to get the best out of the deal.

Don’t forget that sales tax will be applied where applicable.

Also if you have one of those coupons that says $5 off a $25 purchase. Use those first!!! Then your coupons. If you have more than one then do two transactions, but make sure your total exceed the amount stated.

You can use your coupons on sale items!! This is where you will get the BEST deals!!

Coupons printed at home are the same as manufacturer’s coupons so you can stack those with a store coupon.

Please be nice and don’t get angry with the cashier. Some don’t know about coupons and you just might have to teach them. If the coupon doesn’t scan or the cashier won’t take it then have them call the manager over.  This will sometimes happen if you have too many coupons to use. Remember also that they don’t need to take every coupon that you use. But you can also have them void the transaction and you can take your coupons and product to customer service.

Some stores will not accept competitor coupons. Please ask before using. Also with the Catalina’s please don’t tear off the stores name and try and use it some where else. This is fraud! And won’t help us out that are using the coupons correctly!

Remember if you have any questions about the coupon policy is best to ask before you start shopping.

Questions to ask:

  • Do they have store loyalty cards?
  • Ask about the Coupon Policy? (see if you can get one right there; if not email them)
  • Do they accept Manufactures Coupons?
  1. Do they double coupons? (If they do have them explain the rules to you)
  2. Do they accept expired coupons?
  3. Do they offer store coupons? Can I combine these with manufactures coupons?
  4. Do they accept Competitors’ coupons?
  5. Do they accept Internet coupons?
  • BOGO Deal: Does the first one ring up at full price and 2nd one at zero? Or do they ring up at half price? Or in the case of a BOGO free sale, can you use a manufacturer BOGO coupon?
  • Multiple Item Pricing: 10 for $10 or the Mix & Match; read the fine print; you don’t need to buy 10 items for $10 (just buy what you need)
  • Do they have Special Discounts or Reward Programs?
  • Do they have price matching policy?
  • What about price accuracy guarantee?
  • What about store brand or private label guarantee?
  • Do they have a grocery store website? (sometimes can print off coupons)
  • Do they have custom made saving opportunities like Manager Markdowns for produce or meats?

If a catalina does not print go home and email

You will need to provide the following information:

Your e-mail address
Time and date that you shopped
The store name and address
Number on receipt
What offer you were expecting to receive

Walmart Coupon Policy (new as of March 4, 2011)

Safeway Coupon Policy

Meijer Coupon Policy

Rite Aid Coupon Policy (Revised May 2011)

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Target Coupon Policy (Updated 6/10/11)

Cub Foods Dayton Coupon Policy (May 19, 2011)

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy

Dollar General Coupon Policy (updated 6/23/11)

Kroger Coupon Policy Cincinnati/Dayton (10/10/11)

CVS Coupon Policy

Earth Fare Coupon Policy

If you know of a coupon policy that is listed on a web site online. Please let me know so that I can add to my list. Thank you!