Crafts for Kids: Perler Beads

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Crafts for Kids: Perler Beads

Are you looking for a craft to keep your little ones busy? Boy, have I found THE CRAFT for them!!!

I stumbled upon a similar item at IKEA and bought the beads and the small pegboards which cost me just $8 total!!!

Crafts for Kids: Perler Beads


The first time my kids did this little craft project, they spent over 2 hours!!!! I had 2 hours to myself!!!! I have an 7 year old, 6 year old, and a 4 year old. The oldest girls helped out the little guy!!

Then I took the ironing paper that came with the pegboards and fused the beads together. Be careful to not OVER heat the beads because (from experience) the beads will over melt and the pegboards will become distorted!!!

The kids made little items for their Dad’s birthday gift!

perler beads bucket


This Perler Beads Bucket contains about 6,000 beads and comes with the small square, small circle, small hexagon, small star, and small heart pegboards. Also included is the ironing paper. This cost $8.99 for the time being. This is the PERFECT item to get them started with. 

The perler beads are great for developing hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition, and fine motor skills.

perler beads


I just bought the Perler Fused Bead Tray 4000 for $7.77 (prices to change without notice), but this one DOES NOT include the peg boards.  This one comes with 16 bright colors and the convenient storage tray. This made it easier for one of my kids to just use the colors she wanted.

Have fun creating with your kids. Believe me, you will want to try this too!!

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