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Disclaimer: We received two complimentary tickets to facilitate this review. This review is done by my spouse, Jason S. Published Nov., 2016.

Dr Strange

Dr. Strange is a very unique and intriguing character in the expanded Marvel Universe.

He has the arrogance and genius of a Tony Stark, and yet the moral fortitude of Captain America.

I was blown away by the accident which crushed his hands.

It’s possibly one of the worst cinematographic accidents ever created.

I wondered how anyone could survive such a horrific event.

Dr. Strange gets spiritual unlike some of the other Marvel movies, which throw out one-liners about God(s) or gods.

Dr Strange

This is more in line with an Eastern philosophical quasi-guru flavor.

The story keeps the tempo moving forward, and there are some reoccurring funny things which happen along the way, that in no way detracts from the growing intensity.

The humor is great, just the right amount is interspersed along the way.

The strength of the movie is Benedict Cumberbatch.

His acting is par excellence, and the special effects are the best of any marvel movie.


Warning: some people may get vertigo when watching because the camera goes in every possible angle known to man. It’s like being dropped in a Kaleidoscope or flushed down a long toilet with bright colors and clouds.

The weakness, which is minor, is that the story feels a little rushed. Three years fly by and I didn’t realize it until it was mentioned. The length of time he was away caught me off guard.

One other minor weakness in my opinion is that all these big blockbuster movies always seem to migrate towards New York City. What’s up with NY? Go to Columbus, Ohio or Detroit or some other city.

Overall, I give it an A. Super entertaining, super fun, and super strange.


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