Guest Post: How To Organize Your Supplies!

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If you are needing to get organized, I have a great storage solution –

shoe organizer
A Shoe Organizer!

You can head on over to to check out their many shoe organizer deals!  *NOTE: Amazon prices are subject to change quickly.

Here are some of the Items You can Organize:

  • Craft Supplies: yarn, buttons, thread, scissors
  • Scrapbooking supplies: scissors, tape, stickers
    – by category, pictures
  • Bathroom Items & Cleaning Supplies: Great
    to put on back of bathroom door with your hairdryer, curling iron,
    brushes, small towels. Plus you can put cleaning supplies in the
    pockets at top (out of the kiddos reach)
  • Kitchen Items: Hang this in your pantry with
    your ziploc bags, reynolds wrap, kitchen towels, snacks, pet
  • Toys: These would be great for all those little
    toys! Matchbox cars, Squinkies, Polly Pockets, Barbies, Transformers
    and more!
  • Shoes/Socks: I know it’s a crazy idea! 😉
  • School Supplies: Glue, Pencils, Crayons,
    Markers, Flash Cards, Paints

Do you use a Shoe Organizer to Organize?! If so, let us know how it works for you? Also, let us know what you use it to organize!

Guest Post by Super Coupon Lady!

Wow! There are just SO MANY uses for this ONE item!

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