Halloween Costumes On A Budget

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Halloween Costumes On A Budget

Halloween is coming up very quickly, which means you might be thinking of what kind of costumes your kids would like to wear. If you are watching your wallet, you don’t have to spend a lot. Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget


Check out these easy Halloween costumes on a budget!

Corporate Executive

  • For those kids that are business minded, they can be a corporate executive for Halloween! All they need is a briefcase and perhaps dressing up in one of mom or dad’s business suits (one that you don’t mind getting ruined, of course.) Just remember to tailor the pants up so they don’t trip and fall over them.


  • A super easy Halloween costume on a budget idea is to dress your kids up as farmers. All they need are some old jeans or overalls and a plaid shirt. You can even grab some hay or straw and stick it behind their ear or have it poking out from some pockets.

Multiple-Eyed Monster

  • If you are really short on funds, a great Halloween costume on a budget is to dress your kid up as a multiple-eyed monster! All you need are those colored price stickers from the Dollar Tree. They come in a package and have several colors. Just draw some eyes on them and then stick them all over your child!


  • This is a cute idea, why don’t you turn your child into a helicopter! Just take some pieces of lightweight cardboard, plastic, foam or anything else you have on hand and cut them into “blades.” Then attach them with superglue on an old cap or hat. Your child can paint or decorate them making them unique.

Greeting Card

  • All you need to make this Halloween costume on a budget is a big piece of cardboard. Fold it in half and make holes at the top. The back side of the greeting card will be behind them and the front side will be just under one of their arms so that it folds in front of them. Use heavy-duty yarn, suspenders or even a belt to go through the holes and strap it on your child!

What are some creative Halloween costumes on a budget that you can think of? Let me know in the comments below.

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