Is Your Spending Out Of Control?

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Cutting a One Dollar Bill with a ScissorsAs I was talking to a friend a few months ago she was telling me how her family was barely making ends meet. She and her husband both had good paying jobs but there was always more month at the end of their money. They felt like they were treading water. In fact, they had just had a “come to Jesus meeting” and agreed that something had to change.

I gladly offered to help her setup a budget! After all, I’ve been on a budget since I was a teenager so it’s second nature to me. We scheduled our time to meet and I gave her some “homework” to do beforehand!

When we first sat down she told me that she had looked at the numbers…they had more than enough to make ends meet and shouldn’t be squeaking by each month. As we continued to talk she told me she was shocked at how much they’d been spending on groceries and eating out. You see, one of the pieces of homework I gave her was to look back at her spending for the last three months to see where her money had been going.

Fast forward a few months and my friend is still faithfully working her budget! Although it’s been hard she was glad that their eyes had been opened to some of the areas they’d frivolously been spending their money. She’s determined to keep at it so that her family can become debt free!

Are you like my friend and have more month at the end of your money?

As I did my friend, I encourage you to take a look at your spending for the last three months. You might just be surprised at what you’ve been spending and where. That coffee at Starbucks three times a week adds up! Or, maybe your thing is shopping for clothes.

I’m not asking you to cut out shopping or your stops to the coffee shop. I’m just asking you to give yourself a budget to spend when you do go!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you start a written budget. While it is a lot of work, it’s so worth it in the long-run!

Tshanina Peterson blogs at Thrifty T’s Treasures where you can follow her journey of living a thrifty lifestyle.


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