Monopoly and the Game of Life

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monopolyI love to play games! Board games, cards, you name it, I’m in! One of our family’s favorite games is Monopoly!

As a kid I remember playing a game of Monopoly for hours, even days. But, when I met my husband that all changed. You see, he’s a salesman and knows how to haggle people (by the way, that’s not a bad thing). He wins every time we play!

His strategy is to buy up everything he can at the beginning of the game and then put houses on it – thus making the other players poor. (Thankfully he’s not like this in real life! He’s really very wise when it comes to money.) After learning his strategy I decided to give it a try and play his way. After all, what could it hurt?

Then it happened, I landed on one of his properties that had a hotel on it! I was sunk – or so I thought. I didn’t have enough money to pay for the rent and decided to sell Boardwalk. Let’s just say that wasn’t my smartest move. I ended up losing the game. Had I stepped back and surveyed the situation I would have been able to continue in the game, and maybe even won it.

Life is a lot like playing Monopoly. I don’t know about you but there have been many times when I’ve made a rash decision or impulse buy and regretted it later. Don’t you just feel like kicking yourself when you do that?

When I need to make a large purchase I commit to think about it for twenty-four hours.  This keeps me from making an impulse buy and wasting money that I don’t need to.

How do you keep yourself from making impulse buys?

Tshanina Peterson blogs at Thrifty T’s Treasures where you can follow her journey of living a thrifty lifestyle.


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