Pays2Save Media Kit

by pays2save

Pays2Save Media Kit


About Joey:

Hi there! My name is Joey, the owner and writer behind I’m a Christian, wife, and mother. I left the work force to be a stay at home mom in late 2009 which led to my new adventure in Saving Money!

About Pays2Save:

Pays2Save is a frugal living blog dedicated to helping others and to “tighten the money belt”.

Not only do we consist in finding deals and using coupons to save my readers money, we also do reviews and giveaways! Have a product and you want the word to get out. Contact Me!


Main Demographics:

  • 95% Female; Ages 25-34: 40%, 35-44: 28%, 45-54: 14%
  • Stay At Home and Working Mothers
  • College Education

Social Media & Online Reach:

How We Can Work Together:

  • Ads: 300×250 (1 spot available – above fold) per month; discount given for 2 months when paid in advanced (you provide image and I host on my servers); 125×125 ad
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Product Review/Post & Giveaway: Check out my Review/Giveaway Policy Page (Reviews or Giveaways by themselves will be subject to a fee)
  • Website or Company Feature
  • Press Release
  • Facebook Status or Twitter Tweets
  • PayPal will be accepted
  • Contact Me for prices.