Pays2Shop: 4/28/10

in FYI


Oreo Cookies (1)-on sale for $1

McCormick Seasoning (1)-on sale 4/$5-coupon $1 off

Paid-$1.25 Saved-$3.73


Sparkle Towels: $4.88 on sale

Honeysuckle Turkey: $3.04-sale $4.99/lb

5 Lb Idaho’s potato: $1.98

14 Colgate Toothbrushes: 0.88 on sale-coupon 0.75 and Cubs only double to 0.13!! They don’t want you to make any money on your purchases. Good to know! Darn tho! But I still got them for FREE!!!

Paid $7.10; Saved $36.58 (I also had a $4 off coupon on my order from Post Cereal!)

Well at least I don’t have to buy toothbrushes for a while now. I can even donate some! Yippee!! I might go back and get FREE toothpaste! They did not carry the sensitive one, but hey it will still be free!


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