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I’ve been with Swag Bucks for probably over 3 years now! I use them as my default search engine cause I earn points for searching the web. I then turn in my points after I get 450 of them into $5 Amazon Gift Cards and I probably get 1-2 per month. Then I put them into my Amazon account and buy Christmas present with that money. I use to get about FIVE – $5 Amazon Gift Cards per month when I was really activate, but 1-2 per month is fine with me.

I love Swag Bucks and you can find the Swag Bucks Widget on my sidebar where you can click on it to see if there is a Swag Code. I’ve already scored my 2 for this month.

Search the web and earn Swag Bucks to redeem prizes!! Just for doing things you already do on the internet!



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