Strider Balance Bike Review

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Strider Balance Bike Review

I received a complimentary Strider Balance Bike from Strider Bikes.

Strider Balance Bike Review

My hubby told me over the summer that he saw a family of five with their littlest girl riding one of these Strider Balance Bikes and was actually keeping up!! I was so amazed when I saw that family just cruising around the neighborhood and the little girl gliding right along with her family.

Parents should really look into getting their kids the Strider Balance Bike! My girls would ride their bikes from their grandparents without using the pedals when they were smaller. They had a hard time dealing with balancing as it was. Then learning how to steer and lean. I was thinking to myself that they could do without the pedals, but never thought that there was something on the market.

I love the no complications of pedals or training wheels!!!

Strider Bikes can be used to help children as young as 18 MONTHS old!! Basically those that are really comfortable at walking!! The simple no-pedal design will help build up confidence and eliminate fears by having the kids to keep their feet on the ground and best of all, progress at THEIR OWN PACE!

The no-pedal design helps teach younger children to balance on two wheels right from the start!!!

Then the easy ability to adjust to my son’s growing needs, how awesome is that. My little guy is 3 years old and will have this bike for many years to come! What a great savings in that! Plus I don’t have to hold his seat to help him ride his bike. And no adding air to the tires!!!


As you can see from the above photo, little guy can even hold his bike! I believe the bike weighs around 6 or 7 pounds. I am totally in LOVE with this bike!

He has been riding it around the house since its -25 wind chills in our area. I can not wait for the spring to come and I can go for a walk while he rides his bike with his older sisters.

Now he can keep up with them! 

Head on over to Strider Bikes to read more about the bikes and then stop by their Facebook Page  to read more stories and see what the little ones are doing with their bikes! Unimaginable!!

What do you think about this bike?


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