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Pays2Save Newsletter: I use Feeblitz for my email subscription service and each email includes a “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. I have several newsletters going out and you can subscribe to the ones you really want to receive. My Daily Updates is the newsletter if you want to receive all posts that were posted on the blog for that day. It’s the most popular newsletter.

  • Weekly: This newsletter goes out on Friday night only.
  • Amazon Deals only
  • Coupons posts only
  • Daily Updates: All posts posted on the blog for that day.
  • Deals posts only
  • Freebies posts only
  • Frugal Living posts only
  • Magazine Deals only
  • Matchups only

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Mobile Feed Friendly: Yep you can grab my feeds and view it on your mobile device.

What ways do you subscribe to my site?


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