Tips For Keeping Your Family Cold & Flu Free This Season

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Wow, with winter just around the corner. Yes, I was just reminded that we were in the month of October and my baby boy will be one years old next month!! Wow, time flies! Since the cold and flu season is fast upon us. I have some tips for keeping your family cold and flu FREE this winter!

Tips For Keeping Your Family Cold And Flu FREE

  1. Washing hands! This is SO IMPORTANT!!! And a easy step to forget. Remember to wash them after you use the restroom. Wash them when you get home! You just don’t know who has a cold or cough and have opened those same doors you have touched too! My mom carries wipes or the hand sanitizer when she can not go and wash her hands at the moment. I believe 20 seconds is the rule of thumb. And I can not remember what song you can sing to get through those seconds. If anyone remembers the song. Please leave me a comment. I stopped remembering.
  2. Get the flu shot! If you are a family that gets your vaccinations and shots. Then do not forget to stop by and get your flu shot. You can go to your doctor’s office or pharmacy.
  3.  Vitamins! Take your Vitamin C especially now that the winter season is upon us. My hubby is great at giving the kids their vitamins. You should also take care of yourself too. Mom’s and Dad’s of little ones!
  4. Use Common Sense! Really, ya’ll if your friend seems to have a cold, don’t shake hands! Give them a pat on the back! Or if you do shake their hands, see tip #1!!
  5. Stay Home! This goes back to tip #4!! Using common sense, if you do not feel well or you do have a cold. THEN STAY HOME!! No body else wants your germs! Keep them to yourself. Really, I know it will be the season of giving soon, but you can keep this present all to yourself.
  6. Stay Healthy! This came be the BEST thing that you do for yourself and everyone around you!
  7. Rest and Drink lots of fluids! This is just in case that you get sick! You will need to rest and drink lots of fluids!! Please take care of yourself!

I’ve given you some tips of keeping your family cold and flu free. What are some that you do? I would love to read your suggestions.


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