Wedding On A Budget

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Wedding On A Budget

Getting married is one of the most special times in a woman’s life, but it can also be one of the most expensive. Not everyone has a lot of money to spend to have the wedding of the dreams. Find out how you can have a wedding on a budget without it being cheap.

wedding on a budget


One of the first decisions people make when planning their weddings is where it will be located. Everyone wants the surrounds to be just perfect, but they can be even if you can’t get the place that you want (such as getting married in the White House or having everyone fly to Hawaii for the wedding.) Decorations can make even the most plain locations replicate your dream location.

Also consider having the wedding in a church or renting a recreation hall. You can even hold your wedding for free in the backyard.

Many weddings have two locations: one for the actual nuptials and another for the reception. This is not necessary. Simply have it in one location at the same time. Exchange your vows, then celebrate in the same place afterward.


Shopping for a wedding dress can take a long time. Finding the perfect one, making sure that it is tailored to your body and other factors make it seem like it takes forever. There are many dresses that look like bridals, but aren’t, such asquinceanera or prom dresses and evening gowns. I know someone who bought a white strapless evening gown off of the clearance rack of JC Penney for $99. Nobody knew it was an evening gown and not an actual wedding dress. Just take it to a tailor or have someone good with sewing alter it for you so it fits perfectly.

For the bridesmaids dresses, consider just telling your maid of honor and bridesmaids what your colors are and they can wear something of their own instead of buying special dresses. If you insist on everyone wearing the same dress, how about you all go shopping together at retail stores instead of bridal stores to find something? You may find something very similar, but at a much lower cost because it is not tagged as “bridesmaid dress.”

Food & Catering

After witnessing your nuptials, everyone is going to want to eat. Instead of hiring a catering company, have you thought of having a group of teens or tweens do it for a small fee? It would be a good opportunity for them to earn some money and learn how to serve others while acting professionally. If you don’t know any, perhaps you could approach the Girl Scouts or another similar group and work out some sort of deal.

For the wedding cake, consider buying a plain white cake from the grocery store and then having someone in your family decorate it. Better yet, if someone is good at baking, ask them if they will make the cake and decorate it.


There are so many ways to decorate and wherever the location of your wedding is, there is a way to decorate it for less. Consider having friends and family help instead of hiring a decorator. I’m pretty sure there is a natural decorator in every family!

Instead of paying a florist, consider having someone pick or even grow your flowers. (If you are picking them from a field or someplace else, make sure you are legally allowed to do so.)

Did you have a wedding on a budget? What did you do to cut costs while still having the wedding of your dreams?


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