When You Feeling Like Giving Up With Your Finances

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man frustrated over paying billsI was having one of those days when I wanted to throw my hands in the air and throw our budget out the window. We’d just had a huge emergency and pretty much drained our emergency fund.

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s what an emergency fund is for, emergencies.” But I hadn’t “planned” on spending my emergency fund on that type of emergency. I was thinking more along the lines of a new motor for the car or a repair on the house.

I’m not going to lie, I pouted around the house for a few days. Okay, it was a few weeks. But then it hit me…it was actually the Holy Spirit speaking deep into my heart. He showed me just how thankful I should be that we even had the emergency fund. Had it not been there we’d be up a creek and without a paddle…we’d be sinking. Months later my mom encouraged me by sharing that we had saved for “such a time as this.” Without even knowing it, our hard work truly had paid off!

Maybe you’re like us and you’ve saved up enough money to almost have your fully funded emergency fund. You were giddy with excitement to see the finish line – it was oh so close! But then your sprint to the finish line turned into a slow crawl up hill with an emergency draining your savings.

If that is you, don’t lose heart, my friend. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being sad over losing something you’ve worked so hard for. It’s ok to take a minute and let the shock wear off. But just like anything else in life you have to make a choice. Are you going to wallow in self pity or are you going to put on your “big girl panties” and get back to work? That may seem harsh but that’s exactly what I had to ask myself.

Life constantly throws us curve balls…especially when it comes to our finances. No matter what you’re facing I encourage you to keep on keeping on. If you’re barely making ends meet or behind on your bills, keep on keeping on. If you’re in a good spot, be thankful and keep on keeping on. We are truly blessed just to be living in this country and people would give anything for all that we have (or don’t think we have).

So, don’t give up. Keep on keeping on! It will be worth it!

Tshanina Peterson blogs at Thrifty T’s Treasures where you can follow her journey of living a thrifty lifestyle.


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